1st Annual Highlander Boys Reunion, July 2011.

Display of Founder, George W. Olinger and Perpetuator, David C. Bayless.
Miniature Bronze "Temple of Youth" Plaques, gifts  for attendees. Donated by, BCO Stan Wright.

Memorabilia Display.

(Top to Bottom)
Command Saber, Drill rifle, Gold & Blue rifle (#3)  Gold & Blue rifle butt plate, Saber in cloth sheath,
Highlander Boys Bugles from 1924 to 1967, donated by Stan Wright..

Meadow Hill Golf Resort, Banquet Room & Bar.

        1st. Lieutenant, Bill Gilbertson, Major Albert Dreher, Captain Jerry Haight.

Major Dave Bluebaugh,
2nd. Lieutenant Nelson Renouf.

BCO Paul Van Arsdale, 1973, 2nd Lieutenant
 Kathy Guiterrez, BCO, Scot Wright, 1975.

BCO Charles Seale, 1951, BCO Kurt Davis, 1968, BCO Larry Steele, 1969.

BCO Jim Fehr, 1949, BCO Fred Fogh, 1950.

BCO Bob Showalter, 1956.

BCO Kurt Davis, BCO Kent Cluck, BCO Randy Pierce, (Rear) BCO Lowell Hinman,  BCO Paul Otis, (Rear) Major Don Starbuck,
BCO James Anderson, (Rear) BCO Jim Cluck, Lt. Colonel Bill Gilbertson.


BCO Chadwick Thompson, wife Jacquelyn, 2011.
BCO Chadwick Thompson, 1956.

BCO Paul Otis, 2011.

BCO Paul Otis, 1964.

BCO Jerry Schempp, 1959, BCO Bob Showalter, 1956,  Major, Evan Santistevan, BCO Lowell Hinman, 1960.

wwwww Retiring BCO Kent Cluck passes Command Saber to
wwwwwwwwExecutive Officer Randy Pierce, 1965.

       BCO Kent Cluck, BCO Randy Pierce

BCO Jim Cluck, 1960, BCO Kent Cluck, 1965 .

 BCO Pete Van Soest, 1955, Major Jim Sexton.

Major Kenneth Sawyer, BCO Paul Otis, 1st. Lieutenant Lee Williams.

 BCO John Sedbrook, 1966.

BCO John Sedbrook, 2011.

BCO Larry Steele, 1969.

BCO Larry Steele, 2011.

BCO James Anderson, 1965,  BCO Jerry Schempp, 1959, Major, Jim Sexton.

WWWWWWWWWBCO Kurt Davis, 2001.

BCO Kurt Davis, 1968.

BCO James Anderson,
   BCO James Anderson, 2011.

James Anderson
BCO James Anderson, 1965 

(L to R)
Major Tim Hoyman, BCO Paul Van Arsdale, 1973, BCO Bryan Coffman, 1974, BCO Nick Gutierrez, 1974,
BCO Scot Wright, 1975.

Major Albert Dreher, Major Tom McClanahan, 2011.

2nd Leiutenant Albert Dreher, 1963.

BCO Bryan Coffman, 1974, Liddy Coffman, BCO Paul VanArsdale, 1973, Guest Cody VanArsdale.

1st. Lieutenant, Evan Santistevan, 2011.

1st Lieutanant, Evan Santistevan, 1957.

BCO Paul Otis, 1964, BCO Gary Hoskins, 1963, June Bovee, Guest, 1st Lt. Lee Williams, BCO James Anderson, 1965.

Brigade Commanding Officers
L to R
Paul Towner, 1949, Jack Towner, 1953, Jim Warner, 1951,  Bob Showalter, 1956,
Jerry Schempp, 1959, Jim Cluck, 1960, Paul Otis, 1964, James Anderson, 1965, Kent Cluck, 1965,
John Sedbrook, 1966, Kurt Davis, 1968, Larry Steele, 1969, Paul Van Arsdale, 1973, Nick Gutierrez, 1974,
Scot Wright, 1975.