Private, Eugene Bovee
Circa 1916.

Private, George McFerran
Circa 1917.


Olinger Highlanders,  Company B.
Golden, Colorado, Summer Camp.
Circa 1920.


Olinger Highlanders, Armistice Day Parade.
Commanded by, Lt. Colonel Frank Begley (w/saber)
Circa 1922.


Olinger Highlanders Camp
Barthaloff Park, Entrance.
Circa 1922.


Olinger Highlanders Camp
Barthaloff Park.
Circa 1922.

Private, Raymond Anderson
Circa 1924.
Father of Brigade Commanding Officer,  James Anderson
Retired, March, 1965.


Band Member, Richard Shacklett
Circa 1924.


Olinger Highlander Band.
Circa 1924.

Private, Paul Mueller.
Circa 1924.


Private, Carl Pellman.
Circa 1926.

Private, Roscoe Wolvington


The Temple of Youth under construction. 300 Logan Street.
 July 8, 1930.

Brigade Staff , Temple of Youth Dedication
(LtoR) Back row - Major Billy Rothernbach, Major Jack Lentz, Major Walter Simonton.
Front row - Colonel William Cockle, Lt. Colonel Leonard Smith, Major Donald Holland, Major RalphTroute
March, 1931. 



The Brigade and 1st Band in New Temple Of Youth, Gymnasium, Drill and Banquet Hall.
August, 1931.

Honor Company, Company E.
Commanded by Captain Donald Lectenwalter
April, 1940.


Brigade Commanding Officer, Colonel, Eugene Amole
May, 1940.

Brigade Commanding Officer, Colonel, Dean Southwell
June, 1941.

Private, Ken Tyler Cook
Circa 1941.

Recruit Chadwick Thompson.
Circa 1942.

             Co host Warren Hull, Vox Pop Radio, interviews 
        Highlander Boy Bandsman Joe Doolittle and his father.
           Denver, Colorado.
           December 20, 1943.
          Lt. Colonel Jerry Allingham interviewed by  
        Co host Parks Johnson, Vox Pop Radio.
       Denver, Colorado. 
      December 20, 1943.

Private First Class Chadwick Thompson.
Circa 1943.

Brigade Commander, Colonel, Jim O'Boyle
October, 1945.

Private, Ron  L. Carlson
February, 1947 


Father & Son Banquet.
Temple of Youth Gymnasium. (National Guard Armory)
March 1946.

Olinger Highlander Band.
Glacier Basin, Estes Park, Colorado, Summer Camp. 
Circa 1948.

Captain Chadwick Thompson (Center).
Company Commander, Recruit I
Summer Compitition
Circa 1950.

Olinger Highlander Boys, 1st Battalion,
 Glacier Basin, Estes Park, Colorado,  Summer Camp, week 1.
June, 1950.

Captain, James O'Dell

Highlander Boy, Ren Liner 
and brother, Rod Liner (future Highlander Boy)


Ren Liner, NCO Uniform, Summer.

      Brigade Commanding Officer,  Chadwick Thompson. 
   November, 1951.
         Assistant Commandant, Chadwick Thompson
                 1955 - 1957     

           Jim Caton, NCO Uniform, Summer.
      Jim Caton, Officer Uniform, Winter.

Captain, Ren Liner.
August, 1956.

Recruit, Jody Bicking.
September, 1956. 


1st. Lieutenant, Evan Santistevan


Line Sergeant, Jody Bicking.

Line Sergeant, Paul Otis.
Retired, Brigade Commanding Officer, 1964.

Scotch Patrol
Commanded by Major, Bill Wilson
(LtoR) Back Row 4. Michael Sedbrook, Dennis Brungardt, Walter, Degginger, Gordon Arnold, Lester, Hackett,
Reiny Brester, Gary Michols, Jim Sedbrook.

Row 3. Joe Mumford, Mike Freeman, John Cronk, Robert Hancock, Randy Maxwell, Robert Klanecky,
Albert Siders, Jim Anderson.

Row 2, Jody Bicking, John Meyers, Scott Holmes, David Schurr, David Kirby, Dale Cavnar, Bruce Farnham.

Front Row. Warren Seidek, Jerry Cronk, Dwayne Morgan, Warren Watts, Gerritt Brester,
Bruce Campbell, Ricky Achatz. 

Scotch Patrol.
National Western Stock Show Parade.
Commanded by Major, Bill Wilson
January, 1959.


Private First Class, Kenneth Chance.
March 1959.

Brigade Commanding Officer,  Bruce Weston. 
March, 1960.


1st. Regiment, Band 1.


 Honor Company, Best Drilled Company, Company D,
Commanded by Captain Jim Brown. 
Lake Side Race Way Park, Summer Competition.
July, 1960.


 Best Drilled Platoon, Company D,
Commanded Lt. Galen Sanchez. 
Lake Side Race Way Park, Summer Competition.
July, 1960.


Best Drilled NCO's
(Lto R) 1st Place, Jody Bicking, 2nd Place, John Sedbrook, 3rd Place, Mike Kelley
Lake Side Race Way Park, Summer Competition.
July, 1960.


Thornton, Highlander Boys Building, Dedication.
February, 1961.

Brigade Commanding Officer,  Ronald Ames. 
May, 1961.


Platoon Sergeant,  Bruce Archambault receives letter
from the White House.
May, 1961.

Line Sergeant, Tom McClanahan.
May 1961.


Band Commanding Officer, Charles Brickler. 
June, 1961.


(Lto R) Corporal Kenneth Sawyer in traditional
Runt Drill Team uniform.
 Corporal Larry Steele in
Prototype Runt Drill Team uniform.

President of Englewood Sertoma Chapter and
Highlander Boy father, Bob Hogland presents
"Service to Mankind" award to Highlander Boy
Executive Director Dean Southwell.
February, 1961.

PFC  Stephen DeVaney and Line Sergeant Mike DeVaney Present a Mothers Day Present
to their mother Mrs. Mary DeVaney.
May 1961.

Brigade Commanding Officer
, Ronald Brisco. 
September, 1961.


Private First Class, Kurt Davis.
Runt Drill Team Member


Brigade Commanding Office, Warren Weyrick 
November, 1961.


Brigade Commanding Officer, Stanley Anderson. 
March, 1962.


Band Commanding Officer, Bill Potisk. 
April, 1962.


Parade & Review, Officer's Call. 
 Lake Side Race Way,  Summer Competition.
August, 1962.


Brigade Commanding Officer,
  Alan Cluck. 
September, 1962.


Highlander Boys attend Central Presbyterian Church with Mrs. Olinger. 
June, 1963.


2nd Lieutenant,  Albert Dreher.


8 Man Gold & Blue Drill Team posing for Recruiting advertising photograph. 
(L to R) 
Lieutenant.Col. Mark Edgar, Capt. Mike French, Capt. Bill Oliver, Recruit, Capt. Kent Cluck, Maj. Jim Anderson,
Capt. Rodney Baughman, 1st lieutenant. Albert Dreher.

Executive Staff. 
(L to R)  Rodrick McClay, (Denver, Asst. Commandant), James Smalley, (Denver Director),
Walter Hakanson, (Executive Director, Pro-tem), John Sommer, (President), 
Cyrus Bowers, (Denver Commandant)

Leroy Cavnar
Executive Director. 1963 - 1967.

Brigade Commanding Officer,  Robert Pryor. 
July, 1963.


Private Robert Archambault.


Carter Lake, Golden Colorado.


        Summer Camp at Carter Lake. Medical Physicals.
         Summer Camp at Carter Lake.  Promotion Testing.
        Summer Camp at Carter Lake. Fishing and boating.
         Summer Camp at Carter Lake.  Swimming.

Brigade Commanding Officer
, Jesse Caton. 

All Boys Show, Denver Civic Auditorium, Officers dance the Bunny-hop. 
Highlander Band accompanies.
Conductor / Music Director, S. Lloyd Bowen
June, 1963. 


Band Commanding Officer, James Neering. 


Line Sergeant, Carl Henry McDade, Band 1
Circa, 1963.


Brigade Commanding Officer, Jerry Michels
February, 1964.

1964 All Boys Show, Denver Auditorium Theater, Dress Rehearsal.
Runt Drill Team, "The King and I"
Commanded By Captain, Kenneth Sawyer.
June, 1964.

 1964 - All Boys Show, Denver Auditorium Theater, Dress Rehearsal.
8 Man - Gold & Blue Drill Team, "Babes in Toy Land."

Commanded by Brigade Commanding Officer, Chris Launer.
(L to R)
Lt. Colonel,  Paul Otis,  Captain, Larry Whitten,  Lt. Colonel, Mark Edgar,  Captain,  Mike French, 
Major,  James Anderson,  Major, Kent Cluck, Major, Randy Pierce,  1st. Lt., Albert Dreher
June, 1964.

1964 - All Boys Show, Denver Auditorium Theater, Dress Rehearsal.
Bands II, III, & IV. " Music Man."
June, 1964.


Dress Rehearsal, 1964 - All Boys Show, Denver Auditorium Theater.
Scotch Patrol Drill Team, "Brigadoon."
Commanded by Captain,  John Sexton
June, 1964.

Brigade Commanding Officer, Chris Launer
(Retired at All Boys Show)
June 20, 1964.

Brigade Commanding Officer,  Mark Edgar.
July 31, 1964.


Best Drilled Private, Dan Trujillo is congratulated by Executive Director,  James Smalley.
 Lake Side Race Way Park, Summer Competition.
 August, 1964.


Honor Company, Company A,
Commanded by Captain Kenneth Sawyer
Lake Side Race Way Park. Summer Competition.
 August, 1964.


Brigade Commanding Officer, Paul Otis.
November 11, 1964.

Brigade Commanding Officer, James Anderson. 
March, 1965.


Retiring Brigade Commanding Officer Kent Cluck (L) passes the Command Saber to 
Brigade Executive Officer, Randy Pierce. 


Lake Side Race Way Park, Summer Competition,
Executive Officer,
Rodney Baughman (L) receives Command Saber from retiring 
Brigade Commanding Officer, Randy Pierce. 
August, 1965.


Parade & Review.
Lake Side Race Way Park. Summer Competition,

August, 1965.


United States Navy Cadet and
former Highlander Kent Peterson congratulates
Retiring Brigade Commanding Officer,  Rodney Baughman. 
Executive Director James Smalley looks on. 
December, 1965.


Retired Highlander Boys, James and Michael Sedbrook
and Brigade Commanding Officer, John Sedbrook with
recruit Max Sedbrook.

December, 1965.


Brigade Commanding Officer John Sedbrook. 
Retired at Winter Competition,
February, 1966.

Best Drilled Squad, Company A,
Commanded by Line Sergeant Alonzo Butler. 
Winter Competition,

February, 1966. 


 Best Drilled Platoon, Company A,
Commanded by 1st. Lieutenant Ronald Bergren. 
Winter Competition,
February, 1966. 

 Company A,
 Honor Company, Best Drilled Company, Best Drilled Platoon, Best Drilled Squad.
Commanded by Captain Albert Dreher. 
Winter Competition,
February, 1966. 

Captain, Albert Dreher
Commander, Honor Company, Winter Competition
February, 1966.

Denver Sports, Boat & Travel Show.
8 Man, Gold & Blue Drill Team Commanded by BCO, Russel Stone.
(LtoR) Lt. Colonel, (EXO) Jon Walkwitz, Captain, Dane Galliger, Major, Bruce Batson, Lt. Colonel, Bruce Archambault,
Major, John Sexton,  Captain, Richard Smith,  Captain, Albert Dreher.
Highlander Boy 50th Year Annivarsary.
March 1966. 

Brigade Commanding Officer, Russell Stone.
June, 1966.

Highlander Boys Band  member Ted Jacoby greets 
Actress Ann Margaret as
she arrives in Denver on her USO Tour.
June, 1966.

Brigade Commanding Officer, Wendell Forbes.
August, 1966.

Highlander Boys Band, directed by Music Director, S. Lloyd Bowen prepares for 
the arrival of President Lyndon B. Johnson. 
Stapleton International Airport, Denver.
September, 1966.


Highlander Boys Band members prepare podium for President Lyndon B. Johnson.
Stapleton International Airport, Denver.
September, 1966.

Band Commanding Officer, Calvin Smith. 
 September, 1966.


Brigade Commanding Officer, Jon Walkwitz. 
Retired at Winter Competition,
February, 1967.


Brigade Commanding Officer,  Bruce Archambault. 
May, 1967.

Brigade Commanding Officer, John Sexton
Commander, Gold & Blue Drill Team.
June, 1967.

Brigade Commanding Officer, John Sexton. 
Retired at Summer Camp,
July, 1967.


Lakeside Speedway Park
(L to R)  Robert Unger, (Denver, Director), Robert Pryor, (Retired BCO, 1963), Frieda Black, (Office Manager)
S. Lloyd Bowen, (Band Director), Phil Pring, (Purchasing/Supply Director), 
James Smalley, (Executive Director)
August, 1967.


Brigade Commanding Officer, Kurt Davis.
 August, 1968.

Captain Karl Rhoads, Company W.


Brigade Commanding Officer, Larry Steele. 


(L) Executive Officer, Kirby Trumbo
receives Command Saber from Retiring
Brigade Commanding Officer, Larry Steele.
February, 1969.

Brigade Commanding Officer, Kirby Trumbo. 
June, 1969.

Line Sergeant Duane Lauder holds the Distinguished Service Award Presented to
Colorado Govenor John Love as Co-chairman of the Highlander Boy Bond Drive.

 (L to R) Denver Bronco Mike Heffner, Highlander Boy, Sergeant, Jeffery Frye, Govenor, John Love,
Highlander Boy, Sergeant, Duane Lauder, Oakland Raider, Willie Brown.
May, 1970.

Winter Compitition, Bears Stadium, Denver.
Being awarded the Highlander Commendation Ribbon (L to R) Mark Hoffman, Scot Wright, Nick Gutierrez,
Kevin Wilson, Bobby Ackire, and George Plummer.

Taking part in the ceremony,
Wayne Wear, Executive Director, "Fat" Johnson, Mike Wolfe KHOW Sports Director and David Siccardi BCO
June 24, 1971.